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The GENVCE Network sees Semillas Fitó as a benchmark in seed treatments


The latest meeting of the GENVCE Network took place on 4 March at the offices of the Ministry of Agriculture in Madrid.

As a consequence of the recent prohibitions on various seed treatments for the cultivation of maize, our colleague Juan Jesús Narváez (Seed Technology & Quality Process Manager) was invited to give an explanatory talk on new types of seed treatments.

Our Seed Technology department is the research unit dedicated to developing new methods, techniques and protocols in order to optimize seed quality. Among other lines of action, we carry out seed treatments and priming, which consist in seed coating and stimulation processes respectively with different organic substances and components. This is how we have created FitóShield, a catalogue of solutions for seed treatments.

We are grateful for the invitation and consider the fact that we have been asked as a leading player to teach a session on this topic as something very positive, despite our business model not having a specific agrochemicals department.

The GENVCE network (Group for the Evaluation of New Varieties of Field Crops in Spain) is made up of a group of private companies and public research institutions and aims to offer technical and accurate information to cereal farmer on the agronomic quality and adaptability of new varieties.

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